Janie Abraham Reid

My husband and I were of course excited to be pregnant but very nervous about what to expect at the birth - it all seemed to be very medicalised, and hospital was not my favourite place! On the recommendation of a friend we booked a private course with Sarah and it was amazing!!

Hypnobirthing is much more common sense and science-based than I expected, and we both loved the weekly class time to focus on the baby and learn about what my body was doing and what it would be doing on the big day.

The guided relaxations were so peaceful, even my sometimes-anxious husband left each class walking on air and feeling very calm! And then it was great to build on this by listening to the same tracks together at home.

The class environment was such a safe space to discuss my birth wishes and options, and I gained so much more confidence in being able to articulate what I wanted. I am now planning a home birth, as now we understand that labour and birth happens best where you feel most relaxed and safe, and for me that place is the familiar, and so the first choice is our home. The Royal Berkshire Hospital team of homebirth midwives have been so encouraging.

We are so grateful to Sarah for giving us the boost to explore this option and are feeling so prepared and calm about everything now! The hypnobirthing course was the best money we have spent in pregnancy, hands down. Thank you Sarah.

01 May, 2019

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