Although I didn't have a very long established labour before I had a c section, your advice and hypnobirthing methods made it the most beautiful experience I've ever had in my life time. I had all the control over my labour pressure with the breathing techniques and audio files. You were with me the whole way through. I haven't thanked you properly but you gave me more than you could ever know. You gave me the opportunity to labour in the first place by empowering me in taking a firm stance in my clinical care that I recieved. I owe you so much 😘

I first found out about hypnobirthing a while back from a friend who had not long had a baby. I couldn't quite get my head around hearing such a positive account... I've only heard the horror stories and the warnings everyone likes to share with you! I had never heard about someone talk about their birth in such a way. She said "she'd do it again 100 times over" if she could. Then when I found out I was pregnant, I looked straight into hypnobirthing. Personally, I think it gives back to woman what has been taken from them and by shifting away from preconceptions, you go back to the beauty of how mother nature intended it to be. I felt so empowered, so in control and confident in my own body's ability to do the job. Although there was no way around having to have a c section (which I was terrified and dead against having from my first one) I learned that if it was to happen, how to accept it and let go of the fear I held. Because of all this, there's not one part of my birth that I regret or wish it had been different. It was perfection in every way and was looked after so well at the Conquest Hospital in Hastings. The midwives and consultants fully embraced and suppprted that I was hypnobirthing and my birth plan was respected fully. I hope by me retelling my experience to any of my mummy to be friends or anyone that will listen that they can reframe birth too and have the experience they deserve and will cherish forever, as I do.


21 June, 2020

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