Laura Wallis

Thanks Sarah for all your help and advice. The course was amazing, I feel so much more relaxed, positive and ready for giving birth than I thought was possible. We learnt so much, from the science behind it all, to the techniques to stay calm and have a more positive experience. We thoroughly recommend the course to anyone feeling anxious or apprehensive about giving birth.

Before taking the course with Sarah, I was feeling scared about labour and birth. Like I wouldn’t be able to cope and like it was not going to be smooth, and it was going to be stressful.

After the hypnobirthing classes, I am now feeling SO much better! Much calmer, and much more informed about what’s going to happen, and my choices. I really feel like I could have a nice, calm and positive experience.

My favourite part was learning the breathing techniques to stay relaxed. I also enjoyed all of the information and science. The course content was much more based in science than I expected and I really like this!

The venue was so nice and calm venue – with comfy cushions and fab cake! Sarah is a fab teacher! Very knowledgeable, calm and helpful. There was no judgement at all about anything I said (which was a worry I had before coming). I’ll definitely be recommending Sarah and Happy Births to pregnant friends, family and colleagues.

01 June, 2019

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