I was induced in the end, the pessary when in at about 4:15pm and then contractions started from about and hour after. They we getting a lot stronger quite quickly but they didn’t believe me that I was in labour. About 11:30pm I said to the midwife that they were really strong and she said no you’ll be ages yet lol. So went for a bath to try and help at 1am and I said to them I feel like I need to push so I got out and my waters broke on the bathroom floor and her head was there minutes later and just about got back to my room to deliver her! Only took about 4 pushes and she was here. So I guess I had no pain relief like I want too! 🙈 but she was all worth it! I’ll just know for next time and know what to expect a bit more. Thank you again for everything ☺💖

29 April, 2020

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