My husband and I have just finished a 1:1 hypnobirthing course with Helen and were very impressed. Excellent value for money, some great tools for childbirth and beyond, and Helen was a wonderful teacher. We were both surprised how quickly we took to the hypnobirthing scripts and can see how it will help us in labour. You get some great MP3s to practice with and a book that gives you all of the information you need for the course. Helen does the session in your home so you don't get as embarrassed practising and can feel properly relaxed. We will update you on how labour goes but for now we're very happy with the service Helen provided and would recommend to anyone thinking about hypnobirthing that they try this out. It isn't woo, it's just a great way to take back some self-control and help yourself to manage pain by way of relaxation techniques that work

17 October, 2019

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