So why @thelittlebirthcompany then? Well it was a no brainer really! I mean just look at that branding!


So once I had decided to go for it and train as an instructor I did my research on who I could train with and the pros and cons. I looked at all of them and decided that it was definitely one of the newer companies that I wanted to go with as they seemed much more modern and forward thinking. There were a few out there but what shone out like a beacon from TheLBC was the gorgeous branding and it was my kind of look. I was drawn in to their website and from the moment I started reading I just knew they were the one. .

Approachable, friendly, warm, kind, knowledgeable, professional....just a few words to describe Wendy and Melissa and this is also true of all my fellow instructors. .

Another thing that drew me in was the fact that the classes were inclusive of all types of birth and I wouldn't feel like I was discouraging mums who wanted an elective caesarean or were pretty sure they would like an epidural. The key was that their choices were their choices and they were informed and empowered which would then increase their chances of a positive birth. .

When I did my classes 10 years ago as an expectant mum they made me feel like I wouldn't have truly experienced a hypnobirth unless I had done it totally drug free. So because I had used a bit of gas and air in all 3 I always felt a bit like I hadn't had a perfect hypnobirth experience. The Little Birth Company changed that for me and I now know that I totally rocked hypnobirthing all 3 times even though all 3 births were different. ❤️🤘🏻💪🏻 I want my clients to have that same feeling of owning and feeling positive about the experience whether it went perfectly or took some twists and turns. .

I am so glad I trained with @thelittlebirthcompany and urge anyone thinking of training to look at their website and message them. You won't regret it! I love our community of instructors and the fact that Wendy and Melissa help us by coming up with new training ideas, tips for business, social meet ups, cpd opportunities and more 

04 September, 2019

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