Myself and my husband wanted to try hypnobirthing with our first baby a couple of years ago but we were both very skeptical and for the price we really weren’t keen on “wasting” that money. How wrong we were! We are both SO thankful for the opportunity to be some of Sarah’s first hypno clients. It literally couldn’t have come at a better time either, slap bang in the middle of lockdown when I was at my most unhappiest and stressed out.

She is one of the loveliest and most friendliest people we’ve ever met, even if over zoom on video chat! Her voice is instantly calming and soothing, so much so I preferred her voice to the Little Birth Company’s one. Oops!

Simply put, this course was amazing. I am one to research every little thing so there was a fair bit I already knew, although it was still great to go over everything again as a refresher. For first time parents or even those with subsequent pregnancies who perhaps had traumatic or negative experiences with their firsts, I honestly believe this course would be invaluable.

I really hope on birth day I can fully focus and stay on track with the hypnobirthing. For the last week I’ve been doing moxibustion and listening to the tracks while trying to get this baby to turn his bum around! I can’t even begin to explain how beneficial listening to the hypno tracks are during pregnancy too. It’s so relaxing and genuinely feels like it’s gearing me up to give birth again. I can’t wait! My only regret is that I didn’t do this with my first baby.

We can’t thank you enough Sarah ❤️

09 July, 2020

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