I chose to train in hypnobirthing because I believe in a woman’s ability to birth her baby, sadly most women doubt themselves due to the narrative of birth. ⁣

⁣Modern women also have a hard work and life balance going on, often running on empty, juggling many balls unable to switch off from it all. 🤹‍♀️⁣

⁣I wanted women to know their power, hypnobirthing teaches this in many ways. Providing knowledge and skills for women to feel calm and confident during their baby’s birth. 👶🏼⁣

⁣The positive effects of relaxation on humans is very well documented and the benefits are endless, when you attach this to pregnancy and childbirth it’s power is immense. 💫⁣

⁣I trained in hypnobirthing in March 2017 with another well known programme and used it many times with good results, however something left me wanting more, for me, for my clients too. 

⁣I had been following TLBC for a while, watching them grow, sensing their passion  and how their instructors and clients were responding with such positivity. 💖⁣

⁣My lovely friend and colleague Lexi @thenest confirmed how wonderful the content was when she joined and I finally decided to swap over using the fast track instructor programme. 🎟

⁣For me TLBC is current, gentle, informative, non judgemental and engaging with beautiful scripts and gorgeous branding. 🌸⁣

⁣All instructors are nurtured with care and love from Wendy and Melissa, which means we are able to be our very best. ⁣


⁣The feedback from my TLBC courses has  been nothing but positive with the outcomes for families brimming with positivity and thankfulness for choosing TLBC for their hypnobirthing course. 

04 September, 2019

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