Mrs R Liu

The biggest fear for me with pregnancy was definitely the labour aspect . I have heard horror stories/ negative comments so I was keen to try and address my fears.

I had several people recommend Emma Cornish’s hypnobirthing course which led me to undertake the full course with her. I felt the course was extremely useful in helping to change my mindset with labour and taught me techiques I could use to help me cope during the time. In addition, I thought the relaxation classes on a Monday worked well alongside the course to reinforce the positive mindset and keep me feeling chilled.

I actually ended up having an emergency c section, however I was still able to use all the techniques taught to me to help keep me calm and making the experience a positive one!

Emma is brilliant, so calm and kind, I felt very comfortable around her. I am so very glad to have done the course and can honestly say by the end of the course I was not afraid of labour. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone with doubts about labour/birth!

10 December, 2019

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