Mrs V Neighbour

Why I chose hypnobirthing
I have always had a deep-rooted fear of pregnancy and childbirth, no doubt fostered through some of the negative stories I had been exposed to as a child and in the years since. I also manage a phobia of vomiting; my sister suffered from dreadful morning sickness, so I was really concerned I would be the same (I wasn’t - I wasted so much time worrying about something that didn’t happen!). The theory of hypnobirthing resonated with me; much of it seems similar to how you might approach a sporting event. I have run one marathon (never again!) and I used visualisation, positive mantras (“just keep running, just keep running” :) ) and breathing exercises to stay calm at the start of the run. I was also keen to learn as much as possible about the physiology of birth; I’m definitely one of those people that wants to know exactly what’s happening - forewarned is forearmed! I hate to not be in control (refer you back to the vomiting phobia!) and felt that hypnobithing could help me remain calm and focussed. In truth, part of me felt that anything that could help was worth a shot…! We chose Emma partly because she had been a midwife previously, so she was able to give us the detailed insight we were looking for. 
How hypnobirthing helped me
Emma and the Little Birth Company gave me the confidence and tools to approach birth positively. We had hoped to be able to have our baby at the Cotswold Birth Centre, party because I had dreaded the drive to the JR (it can take us over an hour and a half if the traffic is bad). This hope unravelled fairly rapidly at 41 weeks, when I was told I would need to be induced because I had indicators of pre-eclampsia. Emma had encouraged us to plan for this, so even as every one of my preferences (midwife-led unit, pool birth, no induction…) fell by the wayside, I was able to remain calm and focus on the elements that my husband and I could control. Using the techniques we had been taught, my husband and I were able to have a truly positive birth experience - despite it not looking anything like the birth I had hoped for. 

One of the biggest benefits of the Little Birth Company was that my husband felt actively involved in the preparation and process of birth. So much of pregnancy is mama-focussed (rightly so!), that partners can feel sidelined. Attending this course with my husband was something where we were both equally involved; his thoughts and fears were just as important as mine. We approached birth as a team and I think this was one of the main reasons it was such a positive experience for us both.

Emma was so much more than a hypnobirthing instructor; she genuinely cared and even spent 45 minutes on the phone chatting through our induction options the evening before I was admitted. I cannot recommend her enough; she became an integral part of our birth preparation and we are so glad that we found her.

05 January, 2020

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