I can only begin to describe how beneficial this course has been for both myself and my birth partner.  I've gone from wanting a c-section with maximum pain relief to really understanding my options when it comes to birth and the implications that my choices can have. I previously had feelings of fear and dread when talking about a natural birth but can honestly say I'm looking forward to the birth and feel very prepared for what's in store. Now I can truly enjoy my last months of pregnancy knowing that I have a beautiful and positive birth to look forward to.   My birth partner said it was the best course he has ever done and is completely engaged with hypnobirthing. He is very clear on his role and also excited!  We cannot thank you enough for everything that you have taught us. You have completely transformed our perspectives on pregnancy and childbirth. I would love to see as many people as possible do this course, regardless of their birth choices, because the amount that you learn will fill you with so much confidence and positivity.

The virtual sessions worked very well and I don't feel that the experience suffered in anyway for not being face to face. You became a very trusted resource beyond the topics of hypnobirthing alone and we felt comfortable asking you anything. Loved the follow-up emails with bits to watch / read in between sessions. Overall, professional, knowledgeable and approachable.

08 June, 2020

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