Hypnobirthing has an unhelpful name. It is not hypnosis in the comic sense of people zoning out and forgetting their own name. Rather it is a relaxation technique that helps to allow the body to function as it is designed to do.

From a partner’s perspective, it allows you to help your pregnant lady find her inner strength and perform her biological function. The main techniques are breathing, creating a positive mindset and making the environment as conducive as possible to a good birth. If you like making your house nice to help your partner have a nice life, why wouldn’t you make her birth space nice to have a nice birth?

Personally I think everyone should do hypnobirthing because it is not all or nothing. Performing bits of hypnobirthing technique (good breathing, positive mindset and making a nice environment) are essentials for all births. So even if you only take away pieces from the course and regardless of the method of birth you want, it can only help you and your partner on your way to a good birth experience.

19 June, 2020

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