1 May, 2019

“I was induced at 41+5 and was extremely excited but also apprehensive as I had been quite poorly at 38 weeks. After three days in hospital I had my waters broke and started the oxytocin drip. Contractions started soon after that and I used my breathing techniques to control the surges. After four hours I asked for G&A and quickly reached 10cm. I pushed for 2 hours but was unable to give birth myself so needed some intervention. Finally my little boy arrived after 6 hours of active labour and a forceps delivery. I used the techniques that Azeeta taught me and only had gas and air to help with the surges. I had some further complications at the end of labour but I wouldn’t change it for the world. My little boy arrived at 42+1 weighing 9lb 14oz.”

Lee and Cat were my very first hypnobirthing couple. What a fabulous couple to have! Jack is now 8 months old.

Lee also left me a beautiful review:

“Azeeta is friendly, professional, and also very supportive…but she was also there for us outside of the course. If we had any questions or concerns she was also there and happy to help us along this journey as new parents. The hypnobirthing sessions really helped my wife and I stay calm and relaxed during the Labour, even when things didn’t go quite to plan. We are now both proud parents of our little bundle of joy and were glad to have the support of Azeeta, can’t recommend her enough.”

Posted by Little Birth Company Trained Instructor: Christine Azeeta Nielsen


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