20 Nov, 2018

Jaxon Hughes born 14th November 2018

After my first son was born by emergency c section following a long induction I was apprehensive second time round.

I longed for a VBAC but had also made the decision that should I have to be induced I would opt for an elective c-section instead.

​I completed hypnotherapy sessions in the lead up to the birth of my second son and found it helped keep me positive and relaxed. I had a birth plan for both eventualities – VBAC and elective c section.

I went 12 days overdue and thus went in for an elective c section on 14th November 2018. This experience couldn’t have been more different to the emergency c-section with my first son. I felt in control and listened to throughout. The staff followed my birth plan which included – having the ECG dots on my back so that they wouldn’t get in the way during skin to skin; having the IV in my non dominant hand; ensuring my baby was born calmly and gently (through the sunroof) with the drapes down; delayed cord clamping and skin to skin nearly immediately. I also had a play list on with all my fave songs.

I may not have got the VBAC I longed for but I still had a very positive experience and the oxytocin was flowing.

Posted by Little Birth Company Trained Instructor: Christine Azeeta Nielsen