12 Dec, 2018

“Hello Azeeta! At 2am this morning, my beautiful and healthy baby girl was calmly born in the water. The hypnobirthing classes really, really played such an important role in being able to have the birth we hoped for. We had a really slow latent phase (36 hours of stop and start contractions- tough!) followed by a very fast and intense active labour where I went from 5cm to delivery in just 1 hour 20 minutes (even more tough!). Just gas & air, and lots of breathing, which I was really delighted with. Ruby Alexandra Day weighs a teeny 6lb4 and is doing just perfectly. Thank you so much for the big part you played in welcoming our little girl into the world so peacefully.”

Claire originally came to me for a taster class and soon after wanted to do a workshop. Claire and Chris did two sessions of 1.5 hours and we also kept in a lot of contact. When she went into labour we maintained text contact and she shone through her long first stage of labour. I could feel she had really listened and was keeping calm and relaxed so as not to get too tired. As you can see she did the most incredible job and when I received her text tears came to my eyes as I felt I had been on this journey with them. Welcome to the world beautiful Ruby!

Posted by Little Birth Company Trained Instructor: Christine Azeeta Nielsen