The Birth of Summer

3 Feb, 2022

My contractions started around 6pm, 2 days before my due date, they escalated that night to the point where I had to keep getting up every 10/15 minutes to rock on the birthing ball as the pain was very intense all night and all the next day. I found listening to the birth relaxation recording Claire sent me as part of the course very helpful. I tried to withstand the pain as long as I could at home and eventually went into hospital the evening before my due date. I was in immense pain but tried to keep thinking of all that Claire taught me about the breathing which helped a lot, and also gas and air! I was quite far along when I went into hospital at 6pm and had my little girl 2 hours later, naturally with the help of gas and air. She arrived safe and sound into the world and is perfect.

Posted by Little Birth Company Trained Instructor: Claire Russell

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