What’s the difference between regular Antenatal Education and Hypnobirthing?

12 Jul, 2023

What’s the difference between regular Antenatal Education and Hypnobirthing?

This is a question we get asked a lot both from pregnant mamas and families.

OKAY so firstly! YES! You are already thinking about planning for a positive birth experience and investing in some great education whilst pregnant, that’s wonderful and an absolute no brainer!

But is there a difference between regular antenatal education & Hypnobirthing? In my opinion YES. That doesn’t mean that either one is superior they are just different.

The way I see it is Hypnobirthing is the complete package, complete birth preparation that includes the brilliance that is SELF HYPNOSIS.

Many people will choose to do a standalone antenatal education programme and that is wonderful, I did one myself when I was pregnant first time round.

But second time round I wanted to go deeper. I wanted to put my focus not just on the mind blowing physiology but to get a deeper understanding of the incredible connection between the brain and birth. I wanted to learn more about my breath and how that could support me through birth and beyond. And I wanted some tools and techniques that could support me to feel calm and relaxed even when things were getting intense. And they did! Birthing a 10lb7oz baby at home in 3 1/2hrs was INTENSE.

But is was also incredible! So what made the difference. A key element is of course SELF HYPNOSIS. What’s interesting is as a Hypnobirthing Teacher now for over 12 years I have ALWAYS been so proud to shout from the rooftops ‘I TEACH HYPNOBIRTHING’. Yep that’s right HYPNObirthing!

I am so proud to teach this incredible birth preparation. But over the last few years I have noticed a trend where some birth workers are almost apologetic about the HYPNO bit. Choosing instead to call it, ‘RELAXATIONS’.

Now don’t get me wrong when you put what you learn in Hypnobirthing into practice hell yeh it definately helped me to feel RELAXED. But by switching this language, I think maybe because it makes it feel more mainstream and accepted it takes away and reduces one of the KEY elements of the awesomeness of HYPNObirth.

In my opinion it’s the HYPNO that differentiates Hypnobirthing from other antenatal education. So let’s be proud and loud! Hypnobirthing ROCKS. Lets call a spade a spade, let’s show belief, passion and confidence in what Hypnobirthing has to offer and the name HYPNOBIRTHING! 

If someone is saying they are a Hypnobirthing Teacher or they teach Hypnobirthing BUT they refer only to ‘Relaxations’ and there is no mention of Self Hypnosis written by a Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist then it isn’t Hypnobirthing. I have no doubt it’s wonderful antenatal education, but it’s not Hypnobirthing. We need to make sure that we are offering the key elements of what Hypnobirthing is otherwise we risk diluting and losing this incredible programme.

In Hypnobirthing Classes we talk a fair bit about the importance of language in pregnancy and birth, so lets start with calling it by it’s name HYPNOBIRTHING. Let’s use the proper language and be proud that we get to share this incredible knowledge with birthing families. 

And if you are a pregnant Mama or family looking for a Hypnobirthing Course just spend some time ensuring that the course you choose has all the elements of Hypnobirthing including the very wonderful self hypnosis. 

You can be super reassured when you take a course with any of The Little Birth Company Hypnobirthing Teachers, that you are getting the real deal!  When myself Wendy (a Midwife & Doula) and Melissa (a Clinical Hypnotherpist and Breathwork Coach) created the Hypnobirthing Programme it was super important that we had the knowledge, experience and qualifications to create the Hypnobirthing Programme that we have and to ensure that our Hypnborthing Teachers have the best training and materials including the wonderful guided Hypnosis scripts and tracks to support you to a positive birth. You can find your local Hypnobirthing Teacher here.

We hope you get all the knowledge, support and confidence in your ability to birth your baby and also that learning this incredible programme gives you as much joy as it does to us who are lucky enough to teach it.


PROUD Hypnobirthing Teacher and Mama.





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