Why did I become a Hypnobirthing Teacher?

6 Feb, 2023

Hi, I am Wendy, Hypnobirthing Instructor, Midwife, Doula & Co Founder & Owner of The Little Birth Company. The Little Birth Company is an award winning and leading provider of Hypnobirthing Classes and Hypnobirthing Teacher Training in the UK and Globally.

I am so passionate about Hypnobirthing and supporting families as they prepare for  the birth of their baby and early parenthood.

I am Mama to Charlie 13yrs and Alfie 9yrs.  I live in Farnborough, Hampshire with my husband Paul and our boys. I qualified as a Midwife 1997 and worked at a busy Maternity Unit in Berkshire for many years. I have worked in the NHS for over 25yrs both in the ‘Birth World’ and in Public Health. I have been running my own business for the last 12 years teaching Hypnobirthing and working as a Doula.

I first discovered Hypnobirthing following the birth of my eldest son which prompted a return to Midwifery. On one of my last shifts at the local Maternity Unit I was lucky enough to support an incredible couple who were using Hypnobirthing for the birth of their first son. I was hooked. I had no idea what Hypnobirthing actually was but I was blown away by how this mama birthed her baby comfortably and confidently with epic support from her birth partner. In all honestly I had become disillusioned about birth, endless intervention which seemed to dominate the majority of births. It had become a rare site to see someone actually birth their baby without interference or interventions that in so many births felt unnecessary! Medicalised births seemed to be the norm rather than the exception and it was becoming apparent that a large percentage of birthing people were experiencing significant trauma as a result of their birth experience.

In 12years of teaching this incredible course I have taught well over 500 families, as well as benefiting from it during the birth of my second son in 2013. Alfie, all 10lb 7oz was born at home in the pool in less than 4hrs and it was the most intense and incredible moment of my life. The tools that supported me to stay calm and to believe that I could do it not only benefitted me during birth but into early parenting also. What we know about birth trauma is that it isn’t necessarily triggered by the type of birth you have, but more by how your were treated, if you felt supported and informed and in control of YOUR decisions.

When you have had your baby and you look back to your birth experience you will know that what really mattered was that irrespective of where or how you gave birth to your baby, you are so thankful that you had some knowledge and understanding of birth, you knew you had choices and that they were all YOURS to make, you knew how to relax quickly and deeply, you understood how fear could impact on your birth, you understood how important it was to protect your birthing hormones and how to promote them, you knew how important it was to have a birth partner who knew all if this too and could support you and most of all you knew that you were so capable of giving birth.

Giving birth shouldn’t be something you fear, a moment that you are dreading. Yes it can be intense and hard work but it can also be the most positive and enjoyable moment of your life!

This is Hypnobirthing.



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