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Hi! My name is Elodie and I live with my beautiful 1-year old daughter and Husband and we are based in the West Midlands. Since my teen years I have had a sneaky obsession with all things pregnancy, birth and babies. For whatever reason I didn’t initially chose a career path that aligned with this. However, I continued to watch far too many birth videos into my adulthood (if there is such a thing)!

When it came to my own pregnancy, I was anxious, but I was intent on making myself as prepared as possible. I had heard of Hypnobirthing before but diving into the techniques gave me the tools to inform my Husband and I on how to prepare for the journey to birth. I felt like I could share my birth plan with confidence, and I was excited about what was ahead. Ultimately when the time I had a beautiful birth experience in the local Midwifery led unit.  I almost didn’t make it there in time!

After having my daughter my desire support others in their pregnancy and new parenthood was reignited and I was on the hunt for an avenue to do just that. Thankfully I found The LBC!

Now I am looking forward to supporting you as you prepare for birth, to help ensure that your experience is a positive one.

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