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Hello, I am Emma Kilburn. I’m married to an amazing man and a Mummy to our beautiful daughter who was born just before the first lockdown.

During my pregnancy I decided I would treat it like a long retreat, look after myself, practice mindfulness and take up reading to find a new, calm and relaxed me. This is when I discovered Hypnobirthing… Giovanna Fletchers “Happy Mum, Happy Baby” Great book!

Being the busy body I am, always juggling a million things and having experienced different anxiety disorders and therapy, I was keen to make things less stressful and more relaxed for me and my bump. I was drawn into Hypnobirthing and booked straight away. I was anxious about losing control, panicking and not being able to cope during labour. The Hypnobirthing sessions really made everything fall into place, I became knowledgeable, felt confident and in tune with my own body. It was fascinating.

It was a life changing experience, my birth journey was amazingly calm. I felt so connected to my baby and trusted my body completely. It all felt very exciting , I have never felt so proud and powerful. I continue to use the scripts and breathing techniques, it’s made such a difference to me.

I have always been interested in how we can empower ourselves through positivity, tuning into our bodies and trusting our instincts. It all started when I studied Psychology at university and later went on to train in counselling skills (level 3) after my own CBT experiences.

Hypnobirthing was the nail on the head. Here is my passion, helping others experience just this! That is why I am here and have trained to share all the tools and techniques you need to prepare you for your own amazing birth journey.

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