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I found out about hypnobirthing on the internet when I was looking for alternative antenatal classes. Twenty years ago when I had my first daughter we had NHS antenatal classes. They were pretty much useless but I have still got a couple of friends I made on those courses! They focused mainly on how to change a nappy and more practical things than the actual pregnancy and birth knowledge that you really really needed to know.

We were told all about the pain relief we could have and the various tests we would have but nothing about how your body was working and why it was doing certain things.

As a third time mum and with a huge age gap I was looking for some kind of revelation in the way that I prepared for birth this time. I was looking for a lightbulb or an “aha” moment and hypnobirthing was definitely it!

It didn’t matter that I had already had a baby or even two babies previously, because it was reframing the way I thought about pregnancy and birth. I had some negative experiences with both of my first pregnancies and births and I wanted to do everything I possibly could to be ready and knowledgeable should anything start to go wrong. I also didn’t want to be pressurised into making decisions or taking any interventions unless I had really thought about the impact and how that would affect me and my baby.

It genuinely changed EVERYTHING for me. I came to hypnobirthing with lots of negatives in the back of my mind and negative previous experiences but within me I found a way to overcome all of this using the techniques I learnt during the classes.

I now want to show you how it is possible to have a really good birth experience, whether it’s your first baby or your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th!!!

Knowledge is power.

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