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Hi, my name’s Lauren! I first heard about hypnobirthing when I was pregnant with my first child. I have to admit I was pretty sceptical at first as images of Derren Brown and Paul McKenna sprang to mind (I’m showing my age there!), but once I started looking into it and discovered that it is actually based on science I was really intrigued.

I booked a private course and I never looked back. Hypnobirthing totally changed my perspective on birth and I went from being quite scared of giving birth (is it just me or do people start sharing their birth horror stories with you the minute you tell them you’re pregnant?!) to having two wonderfully gentle and empowering home births.

That said, hypnobirthing is not just for people who give birth at home – it can be transformative for EVERYONE! Whether you’re planning an elective caesarean or you’re planning to give birth on your own in the woods, the key is to feel positive and in control and I can’t wait to arm you with the knowledge and skills to feel just that.

I wanted to be able to bottle that feeling of euphoria I felt after each of my births and share it with the world. Teaching hypnobirthing to expectant families is the closest I can come to that and I love nothing more than helping people to have positive, empowering birth experiences.

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