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Hi, I am Lenka,

midwife, trained doula, hypnobirthing teacher and a mum of an amazing little boy.

I’ve been a midwife over 11 years, working firstly 5 years in the Czech Republic, and now in the UK.
I trained as a doula with Michel Odent and I am a “Closing the Bones” practitioner tought by Sophie Messager. Hypnobirthing teacher and trained at optimal fetal positioning by Molly O’Brien.

During my career I have met many women who were hypnobirthing and it has always been empowering to witness! A woman’s body is so wise and powerful. I always felt inspired, touched and full of joy after being present at this type of birth. Preparing for a birth, right support and ability to use the tools they learn can make such a big difference in woman’s experience in any circumstances. A Caesarean section can be just as empowering as a home waterbirth when women feel supported, protected, loved and cared for, and can slip into their “inner world”/ “zone” to welcome their baby.

All the knowledge I gathered in this birth world over last 11 years helped me to make the right options for me and my little one.
I am now enjoying my own motherhood , appreciating the work midwives and birth support people do even more

Would you like to find out more about my courses and my ethos?
Contact me for free phone call consultation at 07751 69 74 22 or email me at lenka.volovska@gmail.com

I am here to support you with every step of this amazing journey.
Lenka x

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