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Hi I’m Laura, I’m a Mum of two and I’m very passionate about educating families about birth and supporting them to have positive birth experiences.

In March 2020 I found myself in lockdown, 33 weeks pregnant, and a little bit lost and nervous about what labour and birth would look like for me. That day I picked up a Hypnobirthing book and it changed everything. I was fascinated, and decided I wanted to give birth at home where I would feel relaxed, unobserved and safe. I went on to have the most incredible home birth with my little boy in May 2020. Fast forward to November 2022 when I gave birth to my little girl. At the time, there was an issue with midwife shortages in my local area due to lockdown, and I wasn’t allowed a home birth but I did go on to have another wonderfully positive experience in my local hospital using everything I had learned about Hypnobirthing.

I can honestly say that I never once felt scared about having a baby and I fully put this down to being knowledgable and prepared for birth. I want to share this knowledge and equip women with the tools they need to be empowered having their babies.

I feel passionately that ALL pregnant women and their birthing partners should learn about Hypnobirthing. I want to help other families achieve a positive birthing experience whatever their circumstances and birth preferences.

I am SO excited to support families through their birthing journeys so please get in touch if you think I can support you.

Laura xxx

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