The Little Birth Company Terms & Conditions

As a The Little Birth Company Hypnobirthing Instructor you are part of a company that prides itself on its standards. We ask that you follow our standards of practice.

Please read through the following:

I agree to submit my post-training coursework within 6 months of attending training in order to remain a member of The Little Birth Company.

I agree to display The Little Birth Company logo on my website and social media platforms.

I know that I must have suitable Insurance to cover my teaching practice and any premises that I use.

I will teach The Little Birth Company Programme as set out in the Instructor’s manual and consider all of the guidelines.

I know that if I add any additional content to my classes I must make it clear to my clients that it is not part of The Little Birth Company Programme.

I will always ensure that I only teach material that I have the correct training and insurance for.

I will represent The Little Birth Company in a professional manner.

I know that the scripts, manuals and documents provided by The Little Birth Company remain the Intellectual Property of The Little Birth Company.

I am responsible for the safe storage of my clients personal information as per GDPR guidelines. (General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016) I am responsible for the data protection and privacy of my clients and contacts. (You must have a Privacy Statement on your website and a policy that is available upon request).

Refund policy

Should you cancel 12 weeks prior to the training we will refund the full amount as paid minus £60 admin fee. Should you cancel 8 weeks prior to the training we will refund 50% of the total cost.

Should you cancel 6 weeks prior to the training we will refund 25% of the total cost. Should you cancel 4 weeks prior to the training we will be unable to offer a refund.

Should The Little Birth Company need to cancel a training we will always endeavour to offer you a place on a subsequent training, should this not be possible or acceptable then we would refund 100% of the course fees.

Payment plan agreement

Our 6 and 12 month payment plans are offered in good faith to make the training as accessible as possible. By setting up a payment plan you are hereby agreeing to pay the full amount of training fees due. Payments will continue until the end of the agreed term, regardless of changes to your personal circumstances or business intentions/ income you generate from teaching the course. All instalments are non- refundable.

I have read and understood this payment plan agreement. I agree to adhere to the points above until my training fee has been repaid in full.