14 Aug, 2020

Homebirth was reinstated in my trust on Monday 6 July, I was 41 weeks. It seemed last minute to change our plans but I knew home was where I wanted to birth. I had firmly resisted interventions at the 41 week appointment but doing so was leaving me stressed. I didn’t want to be anywhere near the hospital or its MLU. Within 24 hours we had a home visit sorted, pool ordered and the birth space set up with lights, affirmations and a lovely view of the garden. My anxiety melted away, I felt so in control and settled back into enjoying the last days of pregnancy. I am sure this feeling of calm helped get labour started.

Surges started around 2am on 8th July. I stayed in bed most of the night with the tens machine and found it a great distraction. I got in the bath at 8.30am and listened to the hypnobirthing relaxations. Surges were around 8 mins apart so we decided for my husband to go to work (at home) and I would call him back when things had progressed.

All day I laboured on my ball with the lights dimmed and Pixar films on the TV for some happy vibes. Surges tailed off by 5pm. I used the freya app but it made me focus too much on the numbers. Hubby appears from work, takes the phone off me and we have a cuddle on the sofa. Things quickly got moving again.

By 8pm it was clear I had progressed. We didn’t need the timer, hubby timed my surges roughly himself and decided to set up the pool and called the midwife around 8.30. He was told home births were not running but he set them straight ????

Midwife arrived and I agreed to a VE on the condition that I didn’t need to know the number. It was uncomfortable but quick. Active labour confirmed and I got back in the pool.

Surges tailed off around 1am. I was getting exhausted and frustrated feeling I was not getting anywhere so I agreed to another VE. We were close but a cervical lip was getting in the way. I bounced around on the ball for an hour eating jelly babies and at this point I requested gas and air to take the edge off as the urge to push was strong. Exhaustion set in and honestly I had a wobble at this point but hubby and midwives kept me on track. Gravity did its job and the waters finally broke so got back in the pool at 2am.

Pushed for a further hour before I could feel the head moving down. Then the world seemed to stand still as I reached down and felt baby’s head. I very slowly and gently pushed him out and reached down to pick him up. Having got quite vocal in the 3-4 hours prior, the actual birth was incredibly quiet and peaceful. I remember everything coming into focus and feeling totally overwhelmed at the same time.

We sat in the water together for 15 minutes before deciding to get out. As I stood up the placenta came out without the injection. We moved to the sofa and cuddled with some tea and toast, birth playlist still playing. I had only two small grazes, and felt great!

Choosing to birth at home was the best decision I have ever made and have been on cloud nine since. I couldn’t be prouder to have taken control and got the positive birth of my dreams ❤

Posted by Little Birth Company Trained Instructor: Wendy Wood