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First of all …many congratulations on your pregnancy!

What an exciting time this is for you … but it can also feel confusing and at times overwhelming.

This is where I come in, my name is Natalie and I am a mum of 3, hypnobirthing and birth preparation instructor and recognised birth and postnatal doula with Doula UK.

My goal is for the parents-to-be that I work with to feel informed, empowered and confident to make their own decisions about the birth of their child. It really is true that if you don’t know what your options are then you don’t have any options. My role is to share with you and guide you through the process of preparing for birth.

As well as exploring all the options that you can consider for the practical side of birth the most exciting aspect is looking at the influence our brain and mindset can have on that process. Sadly, I didn’t discover hypnobirthing principles during my first birth preparation journey but that experience inspired me to explore birth much more in hindsight and to prepare myself more thoroughly for the births of my 2nd and 3rd children. This journey of discovery brought me to doula work and the magic of hypnobirthing. On reflection I can see that some of the principles of hypnobirthing naturally developed within me as I went from birth to birth and I can see that the experience I had during my first labour could very easily have been improved and been made much more positive with greater knowledge of my options and rights, as well as an understanding of the power of the mind in helping labour to progress naturally allowing me to trust in its innate ability to birth my baby!

Now I want to share this knowledge and understanding with you so that you can feel excited and positive about your birth and to enable you to feel that you can have- your birth, your way!

Birth Stories

Baby Theo- A beautiful homebirth!

Natalie has been a big part of our lives for the last 6 months. We completed a full 8 hour hypnobirthing course with her during my third trimester, which was informative, reassuring and extremely useful during the final few weeks of pregnancy and in labour. Having had my first baby preterm I was surprised to […]

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Baby Oliver- empowered to have a home birth!

At the beginning of our pregnancy we would never have envisaged that we would have the amazing home birth that we did. We are first time parents and our approach was that babies were born in hospital. Then we were fortunate enough to complete a hypnobirthing course with Natalie and this changed everything we thought […]

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Baby Oliver- empowered to have a home birth!

Let’s begin at the end…Oliver was born at home, in a warm birthing pool and his first hours were spent in the place where he will grow up, in the arms of his mummy and daddy. At the beginning of our pregnancy we would never have envisaged that we would have the amazing home birth […]

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Baby Lottie- from plans for an epidural to a calm pain relief free birth!

Before my course with Natalie I was absolutely terrified about giving birth and I was set on having an epidural for pain relief as soon as possible. After just one session discussing Hypnobirthing I felt so much calmer and much more prepared for what’s to come! After completing the sessions I felt ready and EXCITED […]

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Baby Harry… 3rd time’s a charm!

I can honestly say I would recommend Natalie to anyone to help prepare for their birthing journey. After having been through two labours already, I assumed I was a pro by now and that I couldn’t learn much more, but how wrong was I?! Natalie’s sessions were so informative to both myself and also my […]

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Baby Harry… A Dad’s perspective!

We would like to thank Natalie for helping us plan for the birth of our son. It was my partner who signed us up for the sessions, so I was a bit apprehensive at first as I didn’t think that as a dad I would get anything from the sessions, but was happy to go […]

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