Baby Harry… 3rd time’s a charm!

16 Jun, 2021

I can honestly say I would recommend Natalie to anyone to help prepare for their birthing journey. After having been through two labours already, I assumed I was a pro by now and that I couldn’t learn much more, but how wrong was I?! Natalie’s sessions were so informative to both myself and also my partner, they were delivered in a simple way and really helped us to understand the different concepts of hypnobirthing and reasoning behind the path that labour takes. This knowledge was the foundation of preparing us for the perfect birth of our son.

From the experience of my two previous births I had some anxieties in my pregnancy knowing what was to come. Natalie’s kind and caring manner made us feel relaxed during the sessions and she listened through our personal apprehensions, which were then discussed. The breathing and relaxation techniques we learnt in the sessions were amazing and when the time came for the arrival of our baby, he was welcomed into the world with no medical intervention just two relaxed parents remembering the guidance of what Natalie had taught us.

The understanding of labour we both got from the course really helped us to understand what was happening at certain points during the birth, which meant we were relaxed at points where we may have been otherwise concerned. We also developed a clear understanding of the direction we wanted to go with the birth, which we may not have thought about in so much detail. I genuinely believe that if we had not had the sessions I would not have had such a smooth and positive birth. Thank you so much Natalie!

Posted by Little Birth Company Trained Instructor: Natalie Stoker

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