The Birth of Jude – July 2021

24 Jul, 2021

Hi Wendy!! 

We wanted to let you know we welcomed into the world a baby boy Jude early Monday morning 4:43am 19th July – Weighing 7lb 3oz – 8 days early. 

He’s absolutely melted our hearts – we’re doing well, and getting to know each other! 

Having all the hypnobirthing tools you taught us was so helpful! The breathing & affirmations for me helped me get through the contractions! I kept repeating in my head that my body was designed to do this, and each contraction was bringing me closer to my baby… 

My waters went on Sunday 11:30am after bouncing on my ball and so I had to go in to be assessed. Came home and they said I had to go into labour by 8am the next day or induction… anyway – I started getting contractions! Went in later Sunday evening when contractions were 3/4 mins apart and they confirmed I was 4cm so admitted me and finally let Nathan into the hospital! Hypnobirthing was soooo helpful! I managed to stay in the zone .. Nathan was great too! Held a fan up to my face the whole time, told me how great I was doing, got the lights dimmed and the playlist & candles out, gave me water, held my hand, and spoke mainly to the midwives while I stayed in the zone… got gas & air pretty much straight away and just tried to zone out! I was surprised at how primal birth is! Nathan said I was pretty loud!

We had to have a monitor on his head towards the end as they were struggling to check heart rate regularly because of his position and his heart rate had dipped at one point… anyway he was all fine! Eventually pushed him out after 30 mins.

We did delayed cord clamping, Nathan cut the cord and we were able to do skin to skin! He was born at 4:43am and we were home by 2:30pm as they were happy with us both so we’ve just been getting to know each other over the last few days.

We had the best experience in the labour ward and hypnobirthing gave us the tools to do that. Thanks so much Wendy x 

Posted by Little Birth Company Trained Instructor: Wendy Wood