The Birth of Nova

18 Jan, 2022

Our little bundle of joy Nova Ada Smith was born on Monday 22nd November at 4:22am weighing 7lbs 11oz.

I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia on Nova’s due date, Friday 19th November and was advised to be induced. We decided to go home that night and wait for my blood test results to confirm preeclampsia. A phone call in the morning confirmed I needed my blood pressure monitored so I was admitted and then induced via the gel that evening. By midnight I was already 3cm and felt no contractions at all! We waited for a space on the labour ward until Sunday evening at 6:30pm where the midwife then broke my waters and we were left to wander around the hospital as we pleased for 2 hrs before being checked again. Feeling completely fine and comfortable I was then given the oxytocin drip and wore the baby’s heartbeat bands. Things started to intensify but nothing I couldn’t use hypnobirthing to breath through. It got to midnight and I was using the gas and air but was still at 3cm, trying to stay upright on the bed and bouncing on the ball really helped. My body then went full steam ahead from 3cm to birthing Nova in about 4 hours!! Apparently high blood pressure can increase the speed of delivery! I had pethadine which made me quite sick but the gas and air really helped as I could control how much and when I had it. The transition just before my body went into pushing Nova out I have to say was surreal. It was like my body was letting me rest and catch my breath for the final stretch. Nova’s heartbeat started dropping just before the birth so I had a ventouse and episiotomy to speed up the delivery. We still didn’t know our little Nova was a girl so with 1 contraction the head was out followed very quickly by the body. The consultant held her up so Matt and I could see it was a girl first which was very special! Since that moment we have been in complete awe of Nova and how we have managed to grow our own little human! My entire labour and birth was made so much calmer listening to the hypnobirthing mp3 tracks and having the low level lighting and tea lights to focus on. The midwives were outstanding and hypnobirthing will stay with me for life so thank you!

Thank you, Tilly xx

Posted by Little Birth Company Trained Instructor: Wendy Wood