4 Sep, 2019

Hi Kate,

Where do I start, what an amazing birth experience I have had!

Last Wednesday at 40+1 I went into monitoring as bubba had reduced movements, and I had a feeling something wasnt right. After 2 hours of monitoring he still had moved an inch.
It all started escalating quickly with midwives and doctors coming in and forcefully recommending an induction.

I took a bit of time for myself and got some lunch. I came back and agreed to a sweep which showed I was 2cm dilated.

They wanted me to stay in hospital and be induced later that day. I knew I wasnt mentally ready to stay so decided to go home and agreed to come back in 4 hours to be induced.

At home I watched a film, did my hair and had the hypno mp3 on repeat getting myself in the zone.
We made our way to St Helier and had an examination at 8pm. I was 3cms dilated and the decision was made to break my waters with the expectation that 4 hours later I would start down the route of induction.

Everything kicked off so quickly the birth relaxation mp3 was put on and I was lucky to move to the birth center and within 40mins I was having 55second contractions every 2 mins.

Due to the reduced movements I had to be moved to labour ward so bubba could be monitored throughout. I went onto gas and air at thia point, stayed in upright birth positions and the 20min mp3 was played on repeat non stop until our baby was born at 12.52am. Our midwives used massage on my back and Sam counted my breathing throughout.

I honestly went into birth feeling so confident in my body, having really embraced the mp3s and listening everyday. I believed my body could do it and my god it did! It was literally my perfect birth I couldnt have felt more in control of the whole process and my body. I cant thank you enough.

Lots of Love

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