16 Mar, 2018

My due date had passed and there were no signs of baby arriving, I tried everything I possibly could to induce labour naturally reflexology, acupuncture, spicy foods and lots of long walks but still, it didn’t seem my baby was ready to meet us. I kept positive thinking my baby will arrive when they are ready.
I was 40+14, I absolutely dreaded the thought of being induced it wasn’t what I had planned or wanted at all. But after a lot of thought (it was all I could think of!) a lot of reading my hypnobirthing books/NICE website/NHS website and discussing my opinions fully with my midwife and speaking to a friend who chooses to be induced I decided it was the best thing to do for my baby.
I went into the hospital and was given the pessary and then I was able to go home and carry on as normal I remember waking around midnight feeling uncomfortable, it was the beginning of my labour! I breathed through the surges and rested between them and felt calm thinking its happening. I used my affirmations to keep me focused, my baby was coming. As the surges came more frequent and stronger I used my tens machine which I feel helped as it distracted me.
It was around 4.30am when we went to the hospital, my surges were still coming strong I only spoke when I needed and stopped walking as needed to breathe through them.
I was examined when I arrived the pessary had fallen out and I was 10cm I couldn’t believe it I was ready to go! I continued on as I was but had the strong urge to bear down and the midwives talked me through it.
I made the most of each surge, really listening to my body telling me with each one she’s getting closer! I still had my tens machine on and just had Lucozade to keep my energy up I didn’t feel I needed anything else.
After a few hours I couldn’t quite get my baby to make its final turn and the midwife had said I may need some help but I was so determined I continued on as I was and tried different positions, another couple of hours went by and it was then I realised my baby needed to come so I agreed to the help. She was delivered by ventouse, she was perfectly fine and was happy and healthy! The slight bruise and cone on her head went down within an hour and you would never know. Evy Tulip Hanson was born at 9.50am on Saturday 29th April and she’s absolutely perfect!

We used the BRAIN acronym a lot, we planned for the best and each turn we faced prepared ourselves with the knowledge (mainly from hypnobirthing!) to make an informed decision knowing the most important thing was always a happy healthy baby
When someone asks me if THEY induced me, I respond by letting them know I CHOSE induction at 42weeks as I felt it was the best thing for my baby
Thank you so much to Wendy who made me believe I could do it!

Posted by Little Birth Company Trained Instructor: LittleBirthCo