16 Mar, 2018

Hi Wendy, thanks again for all of your knowledge. I felt like a freakin’ rockstar!
I started getting some period pains 5am this morn. Mild sporadic contractions all day. I was actually getting my eyelashes done at 2pm. Came on thick and fast not long after. I left my house at 5:05pm. Waters broke after a big push in my car as we got to the car park. Matt wheelchaired me in, I had gas and air and he was born 50 mins after leaving my house! X
It was 100% different to my 1st birth, I was able to hold him, feed him, laugh, use my legs, feel it all and dress him!!! All I ever wanted’ Thanks so much Wendy

Posted by Little Birth Company Trained Instructor: LittleBirthCo