Hannah’s Birth Story

25 Apr, 2023

I cannot recommend hypnobirthing enough, even just knowing what to expect made me feel more relaxed, knowledge is power! Maddy was the most amazing instructor, my baby absolutely loved her voice, he’d go crazy kicking me every time we did a relaxation at the end of the sessions. She then went on to deliver by baby boy, how amazing that she was with me through it all! I was petrified to give birth, who isn’t?! But Maddy helped us identify any fears and talked through different methods and exercises to try to help reduce those fears. One quote that stuck with me was that each contraction brings you closer to your baby, I kept saying this on repeat to myself through each contraction. The positive birth affirmations are so empowering and really do help get you through it. The breathing techniques are brilliant and we have actually continued to use these even now baby is here to help us through the sleepless nights. I would actually say the most beneficial part of the hypnobirthing course was what my boyfriend took from it. He had no idea what to expect, he assumed I would be in Tesco and my waters would break everywhere in the middle of the aisle like in the movies! He said “it was very helpful and reassuring, I learnt loads of new things to help me and my girlfriend as I was very nervous and unaware of what to expect. During labour it gave me more confidence to know how to help her get through the contractions and comfort her.” We both highly recommend Maddy and hypnobirthing!

Posted by Little Birth Company Trained Instructor: Maddy Taggart

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