Shan’s Positive Hypnobirth

6 Apr, 2023

Our hypnobirthing experience was absolutely amazing. Every session with Maddy blew us away and we felt so informed and well prepared for birth as a result. Maddy was so professional and passionate about her work and ensuring my birth partner and I were informed on every last detail of the process. She took all my fears of birth away and not only that, taught my birth partner how to be the best he could be which meant supporting my decisions and being my voice when I needed to concentrate on the birth. Maddy helped me with my birth plan and never doubted for a second that I couldn’t achieve what I wanted with a positive mind. I knew I wanted little to no medical intervention during labour and birth. Being informed of all of my choices, I was able to say no to being medically induced to simply speed up the process when this in fact was not necessary. I listened to my body and believed that my baby would arrive when she was ready. During my time with Maddy, I learnt natural coping techniques for labour including trusting my body to do the work and staying as calm as possible. Everything I learned was put in to practice and I laboured at home in my safe place using only the bath for pain relief. I arrived at the hospital at 10cm dilated and breathed my baby out, as naturally as possible. I can honestly say my positive birth experience would not have been this way had Maddy not have given me the knowledge, tools and positivity I didn’t know I needed. I never thought I would say that giving birth is an amazing experience!

Shan x

Posted by Little Birth Company Trained Instructor: Maddy Taggart