6 Dec, 2018

Hey Wendy so as you know I had to take a different route to meeting my baby on Friday this is what happened … I hadn’t felt the baby move all day Friday and couldn’t remember when I last felt it move on Thursday but I know I had seen the midwife at 2pm and I wasn’t concerned at that stage and we heard the heartbeat but I couldn’t remember feeling it move after then onwards. I was pretty calm all day Friday and was casually trying different tricks to get him to move but still no movement. We were having friends round for dinner and didn’t want to cancel so they still came, we had a lovely bbq in the garden but decided to give the hospital a ring about 9pm and they said to go down and get hooked to the monitor.

So off we went to Frimley, we packed all the bags ‘just in case’ but we felt silly in doing so and we were both so calm and relaxed and just thought all would be fine and they’d send us home! Well, they hooked me to the monitor about 9.30pm and we could hear the heartbeat straight away, Dave and I were both reassured but they weren’t happy with his heartbeat which was ‘sleepy’ over a period of time where he shouldn’t have been asleep for more than 30 min at a time and they didn’t know how long he might have been like that for over the day so they wanted to deliver him as he clearly wasn’t happy for some reason. They did examine me to see if there was any chance I could give birth naturally but my cervix was closed and they just wanted to get him out quick so made the call to deliver by c section.

Me and Dave were both so calm, I felt really in control of how I was feeling and I really used my hypnobirthing to remain calm and relaxed throughout the whole thing and Dave kept on reminding me to focus on my breathing and think about the mp3s (I could’ve listened to one but I didn’t even need to – I just went there on my own!) we had an amazing experience in theatre and all the staff were amazing. Andrew was born at 23.39 and was absolutely fine.

I feel great and my body is recovering so well and all the staff here are amazing I feel like I’ve had a really positive experience – not what I would’ve planned but that is okay. I genuinely don’t know how I would have handled it all if I hadn’t done the hypnobirthing. Just like you taught us birth on occasion can be unpredictable but we were both so prepared to deal with it.

Thank you so much for everything, it would have been a completely different experience if it wasn’t for you so thank you. Obviously a classic example of a birth which didn’t go to plan but we still loved every part of it and yeah we remained calm and positive throughout for what could have been a shocking and scary experience! Thanks so much Wendy

Posted by Little Birth Company Trained Instructor: Wendy Wood