24 May, 2020

After a bit of a wobble on Tuesday night about not being able to go through labour again and deciding to reach out for positive stories to get me back in the right frame of mind, Freddie decided to enter the world at 4.42 on Thursday morning! I’d had a sweep booked for Wednesday (due date) as decided to go ahead with it as even if it did nothing, it would still be interesting to find out what was going on down there. My midwife told me that I still had a long and thick cervix and was only about 1cm dilated, which is normal second time round. I was a bit deflated and when she booked me for induction on 26th I felt like that was going to be my homebirth plans over.

My mum took my little boy away for the day so I used it wisely and watched movies and had a nap. We then decided to go on a mammoth walk around stonehaven, I mean mammoth!

When we got home I knew I’d done too much, I kept getting pains and decided it was my body telling me to rest and chill for the rest of the night…until eventually I decided to time them and they were coming every 5 minutes! Still not believing they were contractions I headed up to bed about 12.30am and then said to by husband that maybe he should sleep in little boys room in case I wake him up with pain, best him get some sleep…and by 1.15am my waters had released, and contractions started coming every 2 minutes. I called midwife to say what was happening but didn’t think anything was progressing ad I had lots of contractions with my first but no dilation…she still thought it was best to come and check me out just in case and could always leave again of need be.

They arrived at 2am and could tell that things were progressing well as the contractions were getting more intense and longer. Not once did my midwife examine me, she just knew everything headed in the right direction. After about an hour and a half of them being there I decided I need gas and air as they were getting quite intense and the pool wasn’t quite ready for me to get in. By this point I’d told my husband I felt like I needed to push which we both thought couldn’t be. Again, the midwife just told me to go with it and listen to by body. Just after 4 I was in the water, which massively helped, and Freddie arrived at 4.42am. I got to catch him through my legs and find out what sex he was, just like in my plan!

It couldn’t have been more perfect if I’d tried! My midwives were amazing, my birth partner was fab and Freddie is just perfect!
I cannot recommend hypnobirthing and homebirth enough- the difference in experience first time round is just crazy. I got the birth I wanted and I’m absolutely delighted!

Posted by Little Birth Company Trained Instructor: Hannah Gerken