29 Apr, 2020

Hugo James ???? born Saturday 18th April at 2:16 pm natural water birth no pain relief first time mumma 41 weeks 6 days.

I went for a sweep on the Wednesday afternoon I was already 1cm dilated. On the Thursday afternoon my mucus plug started to come away I was thrilled things were starting to happen, by Friday early morning at 2:10am I had my show. By this point I was over the moon excited…. I was going to be meeting my son very soon ????

I then started the early latent phase of labour with mild manageable period like cramps. I wasn’t able to sleep once it all started. I had another sweep booked in later that day and was having back pains throughout the day. TENS machine helped ease the discomfort. Went for sweep at 4:30 pm and I was now 2 cm dilated.

Went back home and by 9 pm my surges were getting stronger I ran a bath and that helped with the discomfort breathing through them as taught by Hannah. Things started to progress rather quickly and by early hours I was having frequent Contractions and then urges to bare down my hind waters had also released by this point I managed to call triage just before 4am and they said for me to come to the maternity unit. By 4:30 am I was in the birthing room getting settled and breathing through my surges.

I was checked at 5:30 and I was 3 cm dilated I was again checked at 9:30 and got to just about 5cm!!!! I was to be checked by the midwife again at 11:30 and to my surprise I was 7cm. I needed my front waters released by then as it was blocking Hugos head from engaging further. Once that had happened it all kicked off very quickly I was to be checked again in 4 hours but my body and Hugo had other plans I listened to my body and kept getting back into the pool to relax and relieve the surges.

Not long after I had strong urges to push so I did. It was challenging but magical all at the same time. I finally was able to push him down enough to feel his head. Numerous pushes and his head finally arrived Then the rest of his perfect little body arrived and as planned I placed him on my chest midwife placed towels over him to keep him warm. He soon after let us know he was here ???? shortly after my placenta arrived naturally the midwifes wasn’t expecting it so soon within 5 minutes after my sister cut the cord after it stopped pulsating.

Hugo was passed to my sister whilst i got out of the bath and onto the bed. Placenta was checked and all well Hugo was checked and weighed an hour after birthing as I had skin to skin straight away it was perfect. Only had stitches, I couldn’t of had a better first birth experience all thanks to Hannah and her teachings and knowledge. A huge thank you for the two midwives that was with me from arrival to the end. I was transfered to postnatal ward around 9pm where the midwifes took over from there. Absolute stars ✨

Hypnobirthing is truly magical! ????????????

Posted by Little Birth Company Trained Instructor: Hannah Gerken


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